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Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box with Small Box 980ml. Set of 2

Sale priceRs. 1,699.00

  • REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC FOOTPRINT: Unlike other stainless steel lunch boxes, we REDUCE plastic! This lunch box office is 99% plastic FREE, reusable and can be filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and lunch every day
  • ETHICAL AND SAFE MATERIALS: Each of the color lunch boxes is made 100% from FDA-approved food-grade materials with NO harmful BPA lining or toxic phthalates
  •  WON'T TAKE UP EXTRA SPACE: This is the perfect stacked lunch box because it's flat and not chunky so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space! With the extra container, you can also carry even more food
  • LEAK-PROOF: We use a smart and sturdy lock-in system that stops any food juice or liquids seeping out and making a mess. Your food will stay locked in and fresher for longer until you’re ready to eat!